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  • I’m 36 Male. Single. Being born into a Tamil Brahmin family, I was always a devote as a child. I always recited some stotram and bhajans from childhood.
  • Ages 19–35, my devotion had become more of a transactional one. Which I was acutely aware of all the time, but never did anything.
  • I’m an introvert and I don’t share or talk much — I prefer being with myself. I was always very comfortable with myself and preferred to be alone.
  • In 2018 — I and a friend of mine, ventured to start up a tech company. I put my heart, soul, and savings(everything I had).
  • Somewhere between late 2019 to Jan 2020, I went financially broke; a 7-year-old relationship ended. It was tough for me to go through the turmoil, but I was doing all I could to make our startup work. We pivoted twice. Eventually, by the End of 2020, we interviewed at YCombinator (it’s the Harward of startup accelerator) and we were in discussion with all leading VC firms in India.
  • In March 2021, still financially struggling I got infected with COVID-19. This was the final nail. We ended the operations of our startup. This was very painful. I cried a lot with a deep sense of loss—I had lost everything I had.
  • Till as late as June 2021, I did not know the word ‘Sadhna’ — I did not know anything about ‘Spiritual awakening’ (though I was always devoted, I just really did not know about any of these things). And I had not meditated ever.
  • (I am immensely grateful for all these events, without which I would have never been walking on this path).


My COVID-19 Recovery

My GuruMaa Found me ❤️🥹

My plea to GuruMaa —

Opportunities to donate 😍

Lotus-pink Sky

Old Gentleman Singing Bhajan

Why am I journaling?




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